For over 30 years, St. George & Associates has been helping students find places to live. Our goal is to give students a fun and safe place to live during the best years of their lives. We focus on student-community engagement in hopes to give back to a community that has been so good to us over the years.


Our student communities are all within walking distance to class and to the beach. With locations for both SBCC and UCSB students, St. George & Associates is the perfect living situation for anyone looking to meet new, like minded people – all while doing it in style.


We pay 100% of recycling costs. We use hybrid cars and offer discounts to tenants who drive hybrids. All of our units have dual pane windows to save energy. And 99% of our IV student housing properties don’t have carpeting, which means you don’t have you to use any hazardous cleaning materials and when you move out, less carpet is dumped into landfills.


Last year, St George & Associates returned 91% of all deposits paid for student housing—excluding past due rent. So basically, what you pay in rent is what you get charged.

All of our UCSB student rental units have been remodeled with new kitchens, bathrooms, tile flooring, and granite counter-tops. Also, most of our rentals have dishwashers. (Because we’ve all got better things to do than dishes.)