Community Outreach

Giving back in a big way.

As our business has grown in the past 30 years, we’ve made Isla Vista our home. We were looking for a significant way to give back to the community that means so much to us, and realized that we didn’t need to look any further than right across the street.

While building Campus 880, our flagship property, we saw how much the community depended on the Youth Center, a service of the YMCA. Since then, we have developed the St. George Youth Center, a new and improved state of the art place for teens, to help the YMCA better serve the community. This new facility in the heart of Isla Vista will also provide our residents opportunities to volunteer and engage in the community. We are honored that our business has allowed us to make an impact at the local level.

St. George Youth Center offers:

  • Tutoring programs
  • Homework groups
  • Recreation and enrichment
  • Mentoring relationships
  • Counseling
  • Community service/leadership opportunities
  • Parent exercise classes
  • Free summer lunches
  • Access to computers, printers, the internet, etc.

St. George Youth Center Collaborators:

  • Isla Vista Recreation and Parks District
  • Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse
  • Santa Barbara Rape Crisis Center
  • Isla Vista Tenants Union
  • Future Leaders of America
  • UCSB programs and student groups
  • Local elementary