For Parents

Peace of Mind 

We know you have a million things to worry about when your loved one heads off to college, but their living environment should not be one of them. We give your student the tools and resources needed to get a complete education, whether inside the classroom or out. At St. George & Associates-we provide living & learning skills, basic necessity skills, like cooking classes & tips to help keep a greener planet. We bring in leaders from the community and host discussions on how to succeed and enhance personal growth. This is all a very large part of why our on-site leaders get up in the morning and start their day knowing, they are going to make an impact. We love what we do and we thank you for choosing us as your son or daughters, next home. 



Professional Security Team & Tenant Safety 

We have full-time security staff at both Beach City and Campus 880, with a 24/7 security line that residents can call any time of day. Additionally, there is a team of tenants who are assigned to monitor the property and tenants. We also maintain a relationship with local law enforcement and encourage them to routinely visit and drive through the property.

Tenant Disputes
Although tenant disputes happen rarely, when they do, we set up roommate mediations that all roommates attend. We have seen positive results from mediations, as tenants often appreciate a chance to communicate. However, if these efforts don’t work, we do explore relocation to remedy the presented conflicts.

Bus Accesible

We are just a 30 second walk from the nearest bus stop! This is perfect for students looking to use public transportation along with lowering their carbon footprint. 

Yelp Reviews

We take pride in learning from critical Yelp reviews and understand that dissatisfied tenants may resort to writing negative reviews. We view feedback as an opportunity to improve in the future, and to hopefully reach out to any dissatisfied parties and help resolve the issue. Most people are not aware that Yelp takes payments from business owners to place “good” reviews on the front page and remove bad reviews. If you don’t pay them, they will even remove “good” reviews. We do not pay Yelp any money and we live with our Yelp reviews, both good and bad.

Policy 180

Our team of professionals is here to help all of our tenants, meaning that if we have tenants who are assaulting others or damaging property, we explore disciplinary actions including eviction. Eviction is not a course of action that we enjoy, but we will do what needs to be done to better our community. Although most of our tenants are students, we expect all of them to accept responsibility for their actions.

Judicial Process

We offer Santa Barbara’s first student judicial process for student housing. If any tenant is found to be in violation of their lease, they will be asked to attend a hearing in which we explain how the lease was violated along with the options available to remedy the violation. In the meeting, the tenant has the opportunity to explain their perspective, and we aim to conclude with a clear understanding from all parties. In most situations, tenants are unaware of the consequences of their actions, although they quickly come to realize their wrongdoing once the judicial hearing facilitator explains that their rights do not allow them to infringe on others. Approximately 80% of all tenant judicial hearings are resolved in just one hearing, 15% of all tenant judicial hearings are resolved within two hearings, and only 5% of all tenant judicial hearings result in disciplinary action.