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Here's how to apply:

Welcome to St. George and Associates! We’re thrilled to have you embark on your journey with us for the 2024-2025 year. To make your housing application process a breeze, follow these simple steps:
1.  Account Creation:
   – Click on the provided link to create your account.
   – Fill in your email address, first and last name, current address, and phone number.
2. Personal Information:
   – Once your account is created, access the application system.
   – Complete all requested personal information effortlessly.
3. Guarantor Application:
   – You will be asked to invite a guarantor by adding their email address. They will receive a direct link to submit their portion of the application.
   – This will be the guarantor on your lease agreement!
3. Floorplan Preferences:
   – Express your living style by selecting your first, second, and third choice floorplans.
4. Roommate Matching:
   – Utilize the system to provide roommate matching information.
   – Specify any preferred roommates or request specific individuals.
   – The sooner you let us know about your roommates the better chance we can place you all together!
That’s it! Our streamlined application system ensures a smooth and easy process. If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out to [email protected] . Welcome to your new home at St. George and Associates!